UC Berkeley Zoom Web/Video Conferencing

Zoom is the University of California’s choice for authorized users to host audio, web and video conferencing. Anyone with a CalNet ID can get a free Zoom account. Free accounts have some restrictions, including limiting the meeting to 40 minutes. The Telecommunications department does not support free accounts.

Need a Zoom Pro paid account?

Pro accounts allow unlimited meeting length, have a monthly fee, and are available for University faculty and staff. The Telecommunications department supports Pro Zoom accounts.

1. Request a new Pro Zoom account or upgrade to a Pro Zoom account (faculty/staff only)

Already have a Pro account?

1. Configure your Berkeley Zoom profile.

2. Download the Zoom app for your computer or mobile device at anytime (optional).

3. Use the Zoom app or webpage to start, join, or schedule meetings.

Questions? Email us - telecom@berkeley.edu or call 510-664-9000 select options 1,3,1